Have you got any questions? We’ll see if your query can be answered instantly in our FAQ’s.


Is the Viva Gym website secure?
Yes, the membership application via this website is secure. Any details will be fully encrypted, and your Personal and Banking details will be kept private. Please refer to our ‘Website terms of usefor further details.
Will I be safe at Viva Gym?
Yes! Each Viva Gym will be monitored via extensive CCTV coverage with direct links to Emergency Services, and the Team will be available at all times that the gym is open. Assistance call buttons are located throughout each Viva Gym.
How heavy are your free weights?
Our weight plates go up to 25kg each. We have a vast array of dumbbells with each set going up to 50kg.
Do you have paper dispensers to wipe down equipment?
Our gym rules state that members must carry their own sweat towel around at all times. Out of courtesy to your fellow members please ensure you wipe down your equipment after use. We also offer paper towels and disinfectant spray.
Do you have Wifi access in each Viva Gym?
We offer an amazing wifi experience, with 1GB per day on our super-fast 50mb fibre! No passcode necessary.
Does Viva Gym offer free parking?
All of our gyms offer free parking for at least 90 minutes.
Will personal training be available?
Yes, this is available at an additional cost of approximately R250-R350 per hour depending if it is part of a group booking, a package, or on a one-to-one basis, and on the experience of the Personal Trainer. You can contact the Personal Trainers directly at each Viva Gym or via this website.
From what age can I join the gym?
Young people can join Viva Gym from age 14.
Does each gym have a crèche?
All our available space is committed to providing members with the maximum amount of gym equipment possible, and in order to keep your costs down we’ve not included a creche.
Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?
No. We have focused on offering you a greater variety of world class equipment at an affordable price, which has meant we have cut out expensive extras such as a pool, sauna, steam room, etc.
My Viva Gym hasn’t opened yet — why do I have to pay before it opens?
Our special pre-opening offers have limited availability, so by paying now you guarantee yourself membership at the promotional rate. Only your joining fee will be taken up-front. You pay nothing more until the gym opens, which is when you start paying for your monthly membership. We also have a money back guarantee for 7 days from when the gym opens.
Will I be shown how to use the equipment?
Yes, we provide an optional free half hour group Induction, where we will show you how to operate the equipment. You can book the Induction session with the Team at your Viva Gym.
What changing facilities & lockers are there in each Viva Gym?
We provide high-powered showers, lockers and toilets. Hairdryers are also provided. In the changing room dry areas we also provide plug sockets. Please bring a lock with you to secure your belongings while you train; alternatively you can purchase one from our vending machines. We also have valuables lockers facing the gym floor, which have a dedicated camera watching them.
How do I book in for a class?
You currently do not need to book for classes. In the future we may introduce a booking system for our busiest classes.
Where is the class timetable?
Our class timetables vary by gym, but we offer more than 150 hours per week in each Viva Gym. Please look at your gym timetable to find out more. To do this, visit the ‘group training section of this website.
Do Viva Gym offer classes?
Yes, we offer a wide variety of classes included in the monthly price such as Spinning, Aerobics, Step, Body Pump, Pilates, Yoga and many more; including the world’s best group training classes by Les Mills. Please review your gym’s timetable to find out more.
What are the Gym’s opening hours?
Opening hours vary by gym. To find out the opening hours of your gym, please select your Viva Gym under the ‘our gyms section of this website to see its opening hours.
Which is my nearest Viva Gym?
We’re currently in four major cities and expanding all the time. So if you live in Cape Town, Joburg, PE or Pretoria, there might be a Viva Gym right around the corner from you! If you visit the ‘our gyms’ section of this website, click on the relevant gym, and all its details will then be shown.
Why are there different rates per gym?
Some of our gyms differ in location, size, equipment and facilities, and so the prices differ accordingly.