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Our beautifully designed Viva Studio offers over 16 group exercise classes such as Grit, Yoga and Zumba to name a just a few; that take place in this fun, energetic and social environment to make it easy for you to reach your fitness goals. These classes are lead by our top fitness instructors that make it their mission to get you moving, and burning those calories away. If there are no classes scheduled you are more than welcome to use this facility at your own discretion.

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Virtual cycle


This is the virtual version of the Live Cycle so also gives you a spinning workout. Enjoy a scenic route or an international virtual instructor taking your through the motions of a world-class training session on our virtual cycle big screen.

Live cycle


This is a group exercise class performed on stationary bikes indoors, the class will simulate hill-climbing, sprints, and races, it is a great cardiovascular workout, it will keep you fit and is a good way to get rid of that extra weight. The use of music makes this a fun way to get your cardio workout.


Beat those winter blues

Winter – not the most fun time to work out and find motivation especially those cold early mornings before work or those days when you walk out of the office and its already dark. Its that time of year where most of us fall off the ‘fitness bandwagon’. But what if we told you pushing […]

Meet Fabian: Viva Gym Les Mils Instructor

Recently we chatted with Fabian from Viva Gym Walmer. Hear what he had to say when we did a Q&A with him:   “Hello, I’m Fabian, the Fitness Manager at Viva Gym SA Walmer. People would describe me as a funny guy, always trying to put a smile on someone’s face or a laugh in […]

101 Keeping it simple

Whether you’re new to working out or a regular member at the gym, this punchy read is for you to keep you moving forward with your goals 2019. Strive to keep it challenging and fun. Always push yourself when it starts to get easy; you want to leave the gym feeling that you’ve challenged yourself, […]