Change Rooms


All gyms have stylish changing rooms available to you, with individual showers and locker facilities. There are also hairdryers and spare plug sockets for your own appliances, such as straighteners or other devices. Just remember to bring a towel, your toiletries and a padlock with you if you wish to use our changing rooms, and we also have valuables lockers that face the gym floor and have a dedicated camera on them.



If you need a place to chill after a hectic workout, or need to catch up on some mails or your social media, why not take advantage of the 1GB free wi-fi to you everyday, over our 50mb fibre! Take advantage of our comfy chairs, as well as a vending machine that has healthy snack and drink options, as well as some treats.


Meet Fabian: Viva Gym Les Mils Instructor

Recently we chatted with Fabian from Viva Gym Walmer. Hear what he had to say when we did a Q&A with him:   “Hello, I’m Fabian, the Fitness Manager at Viva Gym SA Walmer. People would describe me as a funny guy, always trying to put a smile on someone’s face or a laugh in […]

101 Keeping it simple
posted in Gym Life, Fitness Goals on 24 Jan 2019

Whether you’re new to working out or a regular member at the gym, this punchy read is for you to keep you moving forward with your goals 2019. Strive to keep it challenging and fun. Always push yourself when it starts to get easy; you want to leave the gym feeling that you’ve challenged yourself, […]

Barbell Exercises: Intense Classes For The Ultimate Burn

The stereotype of a bodybuilder is more often than not a mountain of a man curling a hugely heavy barbell slowly and determinedly. The notion is that doing barbell exercises is synonymous with muscle building, and will get a person ‘swole’, as they say. While there’s no denying that you need barbells and other weights […]