This workout guide was designed by health and fitness professionals who understand that we’re all different and have different fitness goals at different times in our lives.  

It’s perfect for those who are looking to challenge themselves and put their fitness to the test. If this is you, you’re quite the boss huh? Nice.   

This workout guide will empower you to put yourself through your paces, but in a controlled and calculated way to help avoid injury. Remember, before commencing any exercise programme, it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor and get medical clearance to exercise, especially if you have any risk factors.

With this downloadable booklet of bad-assery, you’ll feel like you have your own personal grind guru as you get a step-by-step guide with clearly illustrated examples for perfecting each exercise.  The jargon is clearly defined with no guesswork required. The guide will also show you exactly which piece of machinery to use for each step, so no guesswork there either. Now if only we could get the same kind of thing for relationships, amiright?  


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on 2 Apr 2019

This workout guide was created by health and fitness professionals with big brains and even bigger biceps to perfectly suit your fitness needs. Even if you’ve haven’t worked out in ages, or you’re recovering and what to get back into things with a workout you can build on, this workout will work for you. Remember, […]

on 2 Apr 2019

The trick with building muscle is to start slow, especially if you are a newb or want to get back into things after a gym hiatus (we don’t judge). So, we asked our team of fitness brains to design a 6-week fitness programme that does exactly that. We all want to reach our goals yesterday, […]

on 2 Apr 2019

It’s easy to want to do it ALL when you start a new fitness routine. This means we often tend to go too hard and too fast, making it difficult to sustain, so we end up feeling like total losers! But we know you aren’t, you are rad and built to succeed and sometimes you […]