Who are you and what do you and your bodacious bod want to achieve together?

Science says it’s true. Training with a friend doubles your chances of reaching your fitness goals. But friends can be unreliable sometimes, so what better way to train with friends you haven't met yet by joining a group gym class!

But how do you know which gym classes will get you the results you want? Yoga? Bootcamp? Bums and tums? Babes and Toms? (Ok we made that last one up.)

Ta-daa, our handy class finder tool, that's how!

Simply enter some details about yourself and your goals, and our team of enslaved fitness goblins will custom-build you a list of your ideal classes at the speed of the Interwebs (wow).

Even if you're not a member of Viva Gym and your gym might not have special classes from stellar partners like Les Mills, there might be some overlap, so check out your results and ask them if they have anything similar. Ask away!


Q: Are all these fitness classes offered at every Viva Gym?

A: Demand and instructors vary from gym to gym, so we’ve provided a list that should give you alternatives no matter which your club of interest is.

Q: I injured my whatsit-bone, can I still train?

A: Whether you’re suffering from a broken wossname or a wonky snooter, if you have any concerns about your health and ability to train, please consult your GP before trying any of our gym classes. It just makes sense not to play games with your health. Or your heart.

Q: But aren’t gym classes just for girls?

A: We’re long past the era of perms and dayglo leotards (although you’re welcome to bring those as well). Boytjies, prepare to have your brains blown (and your body blown up…uh….in the best way).

Q: What if I’m pregnant?

A: Viva Gym doesn’t offer any pregnancy classes, so we’d recommend going to a specialist for that if that’s what you’re after. If you'd like to join any of our non-preggo classes, we highly recommend asking your physician first. Please. Do it. Our instructors are not trained to deliver a bébé.

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