Not sure what foods to eat that won’t set you back with your training in 2016? The nutrition experts from Viva Gym have put together some quick fire Do’s and Don’ts for you to take on as you look to make 2016 the year of healthy living.

Starch is a lot better for you than often perceived, as they contain fewer than half the calories of fats per gram. Choose whole grains and potatoes with skin where possible, which have more fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Cut down on the saturated fat and sugar, although we do need some in our diet, too much fat may lead to weight gain. Fat provides around nine calories per gram, that’s almost more than double the amount received from carbs and protein.

Eat as much fruit and veg as possible, whether it’s fresh, frozen or juices – they all work equally as well. The vitamins and minerals that are consumed when eating fruits and vegetables are second to none.

Salt should be eaten sparely during the day. Consuming too much salt can lead to complications such as high blood pressure. Six grams per day should be the average intake for adults, and even less for children.

Aim to eat more fish; you should be having at least two portions of fish per week. Whether it’s fresh, frozen, smoked or canned, it is one of the best food types for you and is rich in vitamin D that your body desperately needs.

Never skip breakfast, a healthy breakfast provides you with fibre, calories vitamins and minerals that are so important for health. Your choices should be based around wholegrain cereals, porridge or whole meal toast with fruit for a healthy start to the day.


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