Runners Guide to Tapering: Get Marathon Ready

Getting fit and fast is not the only factor to guarantee a successful race day. Correct training will ensure you peak at the right time, which is on the day of your event, and correct tapering will ensure you arrive fully recovered on race day. Peaking and tapering requires a fine balance between ensuring full […]

The Hateful Eight: Best Stretches for Runners

You’re a badass. Running is a physically demanding sport. If you don’t treat your body right, it could take a take a serious pounding while you’re pounding the pavement.  When you’re training, you’re using almost all your muscles to propel you forward. That’s a lot of work; if your muscles are tight, you’re far more […]

Running: Talent vs. Technique!

Running: Talent vs. Technique Do you feel like some people are born to run? That they can do no training what so ever and still run 10kms without breaking a sweat? This month we look into the forever-ongoing debate of talent vs. technique when it comes to running, giving advice on some technical insights that […]