Spinning: How to Cycle Nowhere Like a Bat Out of Hell
posted on 21 Jul 2017

Image credit: tofusquirrel Are you a virgin when it comes to spinning classes? Well here’s what to expect from Viva Gym… We know winter training is tough, especially outside, so what’s stopping you from training indoors then? Wait for it, here comes the sales pitch… Our spinning classes are high-intensity (obviously), motivating (“I said pedal […]

5 quick tips to get you off the couch and onto the saddle
posted on 18 Jul 2016

One pedal at a time: We know that is there is hardly any motivation to leave the warmth of your living room to take on the harsh South African winter on your bicycle. No need to panic though, Viva Gym has provided you with some quick insights on how you can still keep your fitness […]