Runners Guide to Tapering: Get Marathon Ready
posted on 7 Mar 2018

Getting fit and fast is not the only factor to guarantee a successful race day. Correct training will ensure you peak at the right time, which is on the day of your event, and correct tapering will ensure you arrive fully recovered on race day. Peaking and tapering requires a fine balance between ensuring full […]

In-Gym Training: How to Stay Fit for Football
posted on 27 Dec 2017

If the only training you’re doing for soccer season is on the field, odds are that you’ll soon be benched. Rather head to one of the Viva Gyms near your pitch and make your game stronger by making your body stronger. If you don’t believe the advice of someone who can barely get foot to […]

Spinning: How to Cycle Nowhere Like a Bat Out of Hell
posted on 21 Jul 2017

Image credit: tofusquirrel Are you a virgin when it comes to spinning classes? Well here’s what to expect from Viva Gym… We know winter training is tough, especially outside, so what’s stopping you from training indoors then? Wait for it, here comes the sales pitch… Our spinning classes are high-intensity (obviously), motivating (“I said pedal […]

The Hateful Eight: Best Stretches for Runners
posted on 19 Jul 2017

You’re a badass. Running is a physically demanding sport. If you don’t treat your body right, it could take a take a serious pounding while you’re pounding the pavement.  When you’re training, you’re using almost all your muscles to propel you forward. That’s a lot of work; if your muscles are tight, you’re far more […]

5 quick tips to get you off the couch and onto the saddle
posted on 18 Jul 2016

One pedal at a time: We know that is there is hardly any motivation to leave the warmth of your living room to take on the harsh South African winter on your bicycle. No need to panic though, Viva Gym has provided you with some quick insights on how you can still keep your fitness […]

Running: Talent vs. Technique!
posted on 13 May 2016

Running: Talent vs. Technique Do you feel like some people are born to run? That they can do no training what so ever and still run 10kms without breaking a sweat? This month we look into the forever-ongoing debate of talent vs. technique when it comes to running, giving advice on some technical insights that […]

All You Need to Know About Super Rugby!
posted on 24 Feb 2016

Super Rugby is back in our lives, and to add more spice to this already much anticipated tournament, there will be a new format for the 2016 season – featuring four new conferences, three new teams and two new countries, Japan and Argentina. There are now 18 teams that will be competing for a new […]

Join the Viva Superbru Pool!
posted on 17 Feb 2016

Do you have what it takes to rise above and be the best Viva Gym member to predict winners each weekend? Join our exclusive Viva Gym Superbru Superleague and not only will you have the chance to earn bragging rights throughout the gym but we will also be giving away prizes for the leader of […]

Getting Ready For The New Soccer Season!
posted on 25 Jan 2016

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in our country, and most people don’t know how important it is to condition your body right and do the right type of training to make sure you are the best soccer player you can possibly be. So in light of that, we have pulled together a […]