Gym Etiquette, Fothermucker, Do You Have It?
posted on 26 May 2017

As you know, at Viva we — ugh….*coff*…—what’s that SMELL?? It… it’s not you is it? The gym is a delicate ecosystem. Make sure you don’t upset the balance by keeping the following in mind when visiting the gym. 1. A place for everything and everything in its place Stepping on lego isn’t even as […]

Why Join Viva Gym in 2016?
posted on 25 Jan 2016

Thinking about joining a new gym in 2016? Maybe it’s time to join a gym that has nothing to hide and everything to offer! Here at Viva Gym, we’re not going to charge you for the unnecessary gym utilities such as pools and steam rooms that you don’t use, we’re not going to tie you […]