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*You must be a member at Viva Gym to qualify to win the grand prize

8 Week Wellness Competition

Measure . Train . Win

Before completing this form, please ensure that you have done your Inbody assessment at Your Gym. Our friendly staff at Viva Gym are happy to help you get this measurement. You then have 8 weeks to improve your Inbody overall score out of 100. Your last Inbody score must be taken within 8 weeks from your first measurement. Good Luck!

Viva gym wants to increase your chances of winning the grand prize of R25 000

Once you have your first Inbody measure, and you have started your 8 week wellness journey, Viva Gym has many tools to help you achieve great results. Below are 4 special offerings to help you on this wellness journey.

  1. Find and train with a personal trainer at your gym

  2. 15% off your 1st consultation + meal plan with our dietician, caylin contact her here

  3. Download a free Viva Gym Workout plan Here

  4. Book your spot in a group exercise class by logging in to your members area online

This competition will run until 30 November 2021. Winner(s) of the grand total prize R25 000 will be notified in December. Just in time for an extra bit of Christmas cheer!